Yorkshire Entomolography

Life is a series of tiny little miracles, notice them.
Entomological recordings by Paul Ashton.

This Blog is about keeping a personal record of the highlights and showcasing the great diversity of life that I find. Dragonflies are my specialist area, being the former Vice-county recorder for the British Dragonfly Society. Check out the Yorkshire Dragonfly Group website to find out more about these amazing insects. Birds are likely to feature to some degree, as this is where my interest in natural history really started. They also help pass the winter months, before the main invertebrate season gets started. There will also be the odd visit to places further afield.

All my records are entered on to iRecord, an on-line biological recording tool. This has proved to be a great a tool for recording insects, with many of the records entered being validated and picked up by the national recording schemes. Schemes collecting records via iRecord include:- Hoverfly Recording Scheme, UK Ladybird Survey, Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme, UK Hemiptera (True Bugs), Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation, Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society and Grasshoppers and Related Insects Recording Scheme of Britain and Ireland amongst many.

Paul Ashton.

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