North Cliffe Woods – 21/06/2022

Highlights from this visit included my first ever adult Red-necked Footman along the western path. A Marbled White was active over the heath, where the first Emerald Damselflies of the year could be found around the pond.

Large Skipper – Ochlodes sylvanus
Marbled White – Melanargia galathea
Meadow Brown – Maniola jurtina
Peacock – Aglais io
Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta
Ringlet – Aphantopus hyperantus
Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria

Red-necked Footman – Atolmis rubricollis

Azure Damselfly – Coenagrion puella
Blue-tailed Damselfly – Ischnura elegans
Emerald Damselfly – Lestes sponsa
Emperor Dragonfly – Anax imperator
Four-spotted Chaser – Libellula quadrimaculata

Common Green Grasshopper – Omocestus viridulus