Broomfleet Washlands & Market Weighton Canal – 16/04/14

The dragonfly season has finally kicked off. With the news that the first Large Red Damselflies Pyrrhosoma nymphula had been found on Thorne moors a decided to check out Broomfleet Washlands, where two teneral males were found. This is the earliest date I’ve recorded this species which is always the first to emerge. Usually Variable Damselfly Coenagrion pulchellum are only a week later so definitely a good sign that a few species may be out by the end of April.

Large Red Damselfly - Pyrrhosoma nymphulaLarge Red Damselfly – Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Five butterfly species were on the wing today with Comma Polygonia c-album, Peacock Inachis io and Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae all being specimens that have hibernated through the winter, so not in the best of condition. These were joined by two of our spring emerging species Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines and Green-veined White Pieris napi.

Comma - Polygonia c-albumComma – Polygonia c-album

Peacock - Inachis ioPeacock – Inachis io

Green-veined White - Pieris napiGreen-veined White – Pieris napi

Another spring species that always attracts attention is the Bee-fly Bombylius major, its long proboscis being an obvious feature. This time of year is always a good time to find Grass Snakes Natrix natrix sunning themselves in sheltered spots, with at least two encountered today around the site.

Bee-fly - Bombylius majorBee-fly – Bombylius major

Grass Snake - Natrix natrixGrass Snake – Natrix natrix

Last but not least, this following beetle species was photographed, Willow Flea Beetle Crepidodera aurata.

Willow Flea Beetle - Crepidodera aurataWillow Flea Beetle – Crepidodera aurata