Grasshoppers & Crickets (Orthoptera) of North Cave Wetlands

A brief guide to the Grasshoppers & Crickets Orthoptera found at North Cave Wetlands. This list is based on my observations, mainly from Photographic records, and is not a robust survey of the species that can be found on the reserve. All photographs below have been accepted by the Grasshoppers and Related Insects Recording Scheme of Britain and Ireland via iRecord.

Speckled Bush-cricket
Leptophyes punctatissima

Found predominantly along Dryham Lane and around Carp Lake where double figure counts can easily be obtained. A couple of single individuals found along Black Dyke near the Dragonfly Ponds.

Speckled Bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissimaSpeckled Bush-cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima
Slender Ground-hopper
Tetrix subulata

Small size means they can easily be over-looked - 9-14mm. Found around Carp Lake and the adjacent Lane. Over-winters as an adult.

Slender Ground-hopper - Tetrix subulataSlender Groundhopper - Tetrix subulata
Common Ground-hopper
Tetrix undulata

Small size means they can easily be over-looked - 8-11mm. Found around Carp Lake and the adjacent Lane. Over-winters as an adult.

Common Groundhopper - Tetrix undulata
Common Green Grasshopper
Omocestus viridulus

Found in small numbers around the reserve.
Common Green Grasshopper - Omocestus viridulusCommon Green Grasshopper - Omocestus viridulus
Field Grasshopper
Chorthippus brunneus

Commonest Grasshopper on the reserve.
Field Grasshopper - Chorthippus brunneusField Grasshopper - Chorthippus brunneus
Meadow Grasshopper
Chorthippus parallelus

Found in small number around the reserve.

Note: Photos for this species are not from North Cave Wetlands.
Meadow Grasshopper - Chorthippus parallelusMeadow Grasshopper - Chorthippus parallelus
Lesser Marsh Grasshopper
Chorthippus albomarginatus

Appears to be common around the reserve.
Lesser Marsh Grasshopper - Chorthippus albomarginatusLesser Marsh Grasshopper - Chorthippus albomarginatus