Broomfleet and Market Weighton Canal – 26/06/13

Good numbers of Variable Damselfly Coenagrion pulchellum are still the wing in the general area, and with the late start to the season it looks like this could extend past the current latest recorded date of 12th July. Large Red Damselflies Pyrrhosoma nymphula however look like their season at this location is almost over, with only a single specimen observed. There was a healthy number of Blue-tailed Damselflies Ischnura elegans, with many still emerging, and numerous pairs ‘in-cop’. In addition there were a few Common Blue Damselflies Enallagma cyathigerum and Azure Damselflies Coenagrion puella observed, though Variable Damselfly C. pulchellum is clearly the most abundant species at this time. Most of the Red-eyed Damselflies Erthromma najas have now moved on to the canal. The only large species observed was Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense, surprising that no Four-spotted Chasers Libellula quadrimaculata were seen.

Blue-tailed Damselfly - Ischnura elegansBlue-tailed Damselfly – Ischnura elegans

Common Blue Damselfly - Enallagma cyathigerumCommon Blue Damselfly – Enallagma cyathigerum

Variable Damselfly - Coenagrion  pulchellumVariable Damselfly – Coenagrion  pulchellum

Butterfly numbers were again very low and all singles of Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria, Large White Pieris brassicae and my first Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina of the year. One of the micro moth species caught my attention as I walked around, Nemophora degeerella having the longest antennae compared to body length of any species in the country.

Speckled Wood - Pararge aegeriaSpeckled Wood – Pararge aegeria

Nemophora degeerellaNemophora degeerella

As I walked round the site I tried to concentrate on some of the hoverfly species, and try out a new set-up on the camera with regards to using the macro lens. I finally believe I’ve now found the set-up that works best with some great shot obtained of several species, along with a Dagger Fly species.

Hoverfly - Tropidia scitaHoverfly – Tropidia scita

Hoverfly sp.Hoverfly sp.

Hoverfly - Chelosia illustrataHoverfly – Chelosia illustrata

Hoverfly - poss. Platycheirus fulviventris. Hoverfly – poss. Hoverfly – poss. Platycheirus fulviventris

Hoverfly - Episyrphus balteatusHoverfly – Episyrphus balteatus

Hoverfly - Eupeodes corollae ?Hoverfly – Eupeodes corollae (unconfirmed)

Hoverfly - Syrphus sp.Hoverfly – Syrphus sp.

Dagger Fly - Empis lividaDagger Fly – Empis livida

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