Market Weighton Moths – March 2018

Monthly Summary – Updated on 01/04/2018

40w Actinic Light

10 species recorded during the month, with no new species to the garden. The winter weather and cold nights making for a marked reduction in species and numbers compared to last year. Three species highlighted below were not recorded during March 2017, with Twin-spotted Quaker Anorthoa munda not even making it on to last years list, so a nice addition to this years list.

CodeScientific NameCommon NameFirst DateLast DateNights TrappedTotal MothsNotes
32.018Agonopterix heraclianaCommon Flat-body2018-03-102018-03-27711
70.245Alsophila aesculariaMarch Moth2018-03-062018-03-0611
70.247Phigalia pilosariaPale Brindled Beauty2018-03-262018-03-2611
70.255Agriopis marginariaDotted Border2018-03-082018-03-2445
73.194Conistra vacciniiChestnut2018-03-072018-03-2355
73.202Lithophane ornitopusGrey Shoulder-knot2018-03-292018-03-2911
73.242Orthosia incertaClouded Drab2018-03-222018-03-29812
73.244Orthosia cerasiCommon Quaker2018-03-102018-03-311122
73.249Orthosia gothicaHebrew Character2018-03-232018-03-31714
73.250Anorthoa mundaTwin-spotted Quaker2018-03-242018-03-2411

Annual Comparison

YearNights Trapped Species TrappedAverage Species per NightTotal Moths TrappedAverage moths per Night


70.247 Pale Brindled Beauty - Phigalia pilosaria70.247 Pale Brindled Beauty – Phigalia pilosaria

73.202 Grey Shoulder-knot - Lithophane ornitopus73.202 Grey Shoulder-knot – Lithophane ornitopus

73.250 Twin-spotted Quaker - Anorthoa munda73.250 Twin-spotted Quaker – Anorthoa munda

Full set of photos from the month