North Cave Wetlands – 18/08/2018

An overcast morning visit with a gentle westerly breeze blowing, temperatures around 20 degrees C. Migrant Hawker Aeshna mixta and Common Darter Sympetrum striolatum were present around the reserve in small numbers, along with a single Brown Hawker Aeshna grandis. Plenty of Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum and Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans still present, though only a single Emerald Damselfly Lestes sponsa was found at the Dragonfly Ponds. Finally a brief spell of sun brought out a single Small Red-eyed Damselfly Erythromma viridulum in front of South Hide on Main Lake.

Common Darter - Sympetrum striolatumCommon Darter – Sympetrum striolatum

Emerald Damselfly - Lestes sponsaEmerald Damselfly – Lestes sponsa

Only four species of Butterflies observed with Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina now past their best in the company of Green-veined White Pieris napi, Small White Pieris rapae and Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria. On the moth front several Common Marble Celypha lacunana were noted around the site, with a single Common Nettle-tap Anthophila fabriciana also present. A cluster of around 30 Buff-tip Phalera bucephala caterpillars on the lone Silver Birch along the western path as a nice find.

Meadow Brown - Maniola jurtinaMeadow Brown – Maniola jurtina

71.025 Buff-tip - Phalera bucephalaBuff-tip – Phalera bucephala

Nothing unusual on the Beetle front, though the large aggregation of Ladybirds along the Maize Field path has started to disperse, 22-spot Ladybird Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata, 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata, Adonis’ Ladybird Hippodamia variegata and Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis noted. Alder Leaf Beetle Agelastica alni also still present along the Western Path.

Adonis' Ladybird - Hippodamia variegataAdonis’ Ladybird – Hippodamia variegata

Alder Leaf Beetle - Agelastica alniAlder Leaf Beetle – Agelastica alni

Figwort Sawfly Tenthredo scrophulariae was very accommodating at the start of the Butterfly Walk, plus several Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae were also around the site.

Figwort Sawfly - Tenthredo scrophulariaeFigwort Sawfly – Tenthredo scrophulariae

A few True Bugs noted today with Common Froghopper Philaenus spumarius the most numerous. Tarnished Plant Bug Lygus rugulipennis and Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale were the best of the bunch, with Apolygus spinolae and Chilacis typhae also present, the latter found on the Bulrush heads on the south side of Carp Lake.

Hawthorn Shieldbug - Acanthosoma haemorrhoidaleHawthorn Shieldbug – Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Tarnished Plant Bug - Lygus rugulipennisTarnished Plant Bug – Lygus rugulipennis

Apolygus spinolaeApolygus spinolae

Seven Hoverflies noted included Marmalade Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus, Cheilosia pagana, Eristalis intricarius, Eristalis tenax, Eupeodes latifasciatus, Helophilus pendulus and Syritta pipiens, the latter carrying a mite between its head and thorax. The only other fly recorded was Tachina fera.

Helophilus pendulusHelophilus pendulus

Eupeodes latifasciatusEupeodes latifasciatus

Syritta pipiensSyritta pipiens

Tachina feraTachina fera

Spiders are a tricky bunch, though there was no mistaking Four-spotted Orb Weaver Araneus quadratus along the Northern Path, a new site record for me.

Araneus quadratusFour-spotted Orb Weaver – Araneus quadratus

Finally the Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis showed well from South Hide. Little Egret Egretta garzetta was also showing well on Dryham Ings Cell A.

Black-necked Grebe - Podiceps nigricollisBlack-necked Grebe – Podiceps nigricollis

Little Egret - Egretta garzettaLittle Egret – Egretta garzetta

Butterflies (4)
Green-veined White – Pieris napi
Meadow Brown – Maniola jurtina
Small White – Pieris rapae
Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria

Dragonflies (7)
Blue-tailed Damselfly – Ischnura elegans
Brown Hawker – Aeshna grandis
Common Blue Damselfly – Enallagma cyathigerum
Common Darter – Sympetrum striolatum
Emerald Damselfly – Lestes sponsa
Migrant Hawker – Aeshna mixta
Small Red-eyed Damselfly – Erythromma viridulum

Wasps and Sawflies (3)
German Wasp – Vespula germanica
Athalia rosae
Tenthredo scrophulariae

Moths (3)
Buff-tip – Phalera bucephala
Common Marble – Celypha lacunana
Common Nettle-tap – Anthophila fabriciana

Grasshoppers (2)
Field Grasshopper – Chorthippus brunneus
Lesser Marsh Grasshopper – Chorthippus albomarginatus

True Bugs (5)
Common Froghopper – Philaenus spumarius
Tarnished Plant Bug – Lygus rugulipennis
Hawthorn Shieldbug – Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale
Apolygus spinolae
Chilacis typhae

Hoverflies (7)
Marmalade Hoverfly – Episyrphus balteatus
Cheilosia pagana
Eristalis intricarius
Eristalis tenax
Eupeodes latifasciatus
Helophilus pendulus
Syritta pipiens

Flies (1)
Tachina fera

Spiders (1)
Araneus quadratus

Mammals (1)
Stoat – Mustela erminea

Birds (5)
Black-necked Grebe – Podiceps nigricollis
Common Sandpiper – Actitis hypoleucos
Little Egret – Egretta garzetta
Pink-footed Goose – Anser brachyrhynchus
Snipe – Gallinago gallinago