North Cave Wetlands – 14/11/2018

An afternoon of light cloud and sunny spells, a gentle south-westerly breeze blowing. Temperature around 14 degrees C.

Village Lake

Village Lake

Managed to find a few insects along Dryham Lane, the best of these being two Grey Damsel Bug Himacerus major, not the most attractive species but not often found. A single Gorse Shieldbug Piezodorus lituratus was also present with a couple of 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata also noted.

Grey Damsel Bug - Himacerus majorGrey Damsel Bug – Himacerus major

Gorse Shieldbug - Piezodorus lituratusGorse Shieldbug – Piezodorus lituratus

7-spot Ladybird - Coccinella septempunctata7-spot Ladybird – Coccinella septempunctata

Bird-wise Wigeon Anas penelope and Teal Anas crecca were again showing well from South Hide on Main Lake, rather than the usual offering of distant views. A Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus also performed well, dropping into Main Lake for a bath! The single Pink-footed Goose Anser brachyrhynchus was again in with the Greylag Geee Anser anser. The drake Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata was still residing on Carp Lake. West of the Silt lagoon a male Stonechat Saxicola rubicola was present in the Kale field. Other highlights included a Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea on Far Lake and a Green Woodpecker Picus viridis feeding below the viewing platform on Village Lake.

Wigeon - Anas penelopeWigeon – Anas penelope

Teal - Anas creccaTeal – Anas crecca

Pochard - Aythya ferinaPochard – Aythya ferina

Mandarin Duck - Aix galericulataMandarin Duck – Aix galericulata

Stonechat - Saxicola rubicolaStonechat – Saxicola rubicola

Marsh Harrier - Circus aeruginosusMarsh Harrier – Circus aeruginosus

Green Woodpecker - Picus viridisGreen Woodpecker – Picus viridis

Birds (52)
Blackbird – Turdus merula
Black-headed Gull – Chroicocephalus ridibundus
Blue Tit – Cyanistes caeruleus
Buzzard – Buteo buteo
Carrion Crow – Corvus corone
Common Gull – Larus canus
Coot – Fulica atra
Cormorant – Phalacrocorax carbo
Curlew – Numenius arquata
Feral Pigeon – Columba livia
Fieldfare – Turdus pilaris
Gadwall – Anas strepera
Great Black-backed Gull – Larus marinus
Great Tit – Parus major
Green Woodpecker – Picus viridis
Grey Heron – Ardea cinerea
Grey Wagtail – Motacilla cinerea
Greylag Goose – Anser anser
Herring Gull – Larus argentatus
House Sparrow – Passer domesticus
Jackdaw – Corvus monedula
Kestrel – Falco tinnunculus
Lapwing – Vanellus vanellus
Little Egret – Egretta garzetta
Little Grebe – Tachybaptus ruficollis
Long-tailed Tit – Aegithalos caudatus
Magpie – Pica pica
Mallard – Anas platyrhynchos
Mandarin Duck – Aix galericulata
Marsh Harrier – Circus aeruginosus
Moorhen – Gallinula chloropus
Mute Swan – Cygnus olor
Pink-footed Goose – Anser brachyrhynchus
Pochard – Aythya ferina
Redshank – Tringa totanus
Redwing – Turdus iliacus
Reed Bunting – Emberiza schoeniclus
Robin – Erithacus rubecula
Rook – Corvus frugilegus
Shelduck – Tadorna tadorna
Shoveler – Anas clypeata
Skylark – Alauda arvensis
Snipe – Gallinago gallinago
Sparrowhawk – Accipiter nisus
Starling – Sturnus vulgaris
Stock Dove – Columba oenas
Stonechat – Saxicola rubicola
Teal – Anas crecca
Tufted Duck – Aythya fuligula
Wigeon – Anas penelope
Woodpigeon – Columba palumbus
Wren – Troglodytes troglodytes

Beetles (1)
7-spot Ladybird – Coccinella septempunctata

True Bugs (2)
Gorse Shieldbug – Piezodorus lituratus
Grey Damsel Bug – Himacerus major