North Cave Wetlands – 16/07/2019

A sunny visit with a gentle westerly breeze blowing. Temperatures peaking at around 23 degrees C.

A cracking visit to the reserve, with a return evening visit. Several new species added to the life list (NEW), plus several firsts for the year (NFY).

Beetles (12)

A couple of new species found Anthrenus fuscus and Galerucella calmariensis. Also nice to find a couple of Adalia bipunctata 2-spot Ladybird a species that is now quite scarce,

Adalia bipunctata – 2-spot Ladybird (NFY)
Agapanthia villosoviridescens
Anthrenus fuscus (NEW)
Cassida rubiginosa – Thistle Tortoise Beetle
Coccinella septempunctata – 7-spot Ladybird
Galerucella calmariensis (NEW)
Harmonia axyridis – Harlequin Ladybird
Lagria hirta
Oedemera lurida
Propylea quattuordecimpunctata – 14-spot Ladybird
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata – 22-spot Ladybird
Rhagonycha fulva – Common Red Soldier Beetle

Butterflies (13)

Highlight was Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper which took some finding and checking of numerous Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper, the individual found was near the seat over-looking the south side of Carp Lake. A return on the evening for Favonius quercus Purple Hairstreak found several on the Oaks at the far end of the new workings. As always they were high up in the canopy. Whilst walking back I noticed a couple of small butterflies flying around the Plum Trees in the hedgerow opposite the farm. They turned out to be F. quercus  Purple Hairstreak, about four present around these trees making it a lot easier to get some photographs.

Aglais urticae – Small Tortoiseshell
Aphantopus hyperantus – Ringlet
Favonius quercus – Purple Hairstreak (NFY)
Maniola jurtina – Meadow Brown
Melanargia galathea – Marbled White
Pararge aegeria – Speckled Wood
Pieris brassicae – Large White
Pieris napi – Green-veined White
Pyronia tithonus – Gatekeeper
Thymelicus lineola – Essex Skipper (NFY)
Thymelicus sylvestris – Small Skipper
Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui – Painted Lady

Dragonflies (14)

Aeshna cyanea Southern Hawker was my first of the year, found at the start of the Butterfly Walk. Several Erythromma viridulum Small Red-eyed Damselfly were on Far Lake, where my first Calopteryx splendens Banded Demoiselle for the site put in a brief appearance. Nice to finally have seen all species that have been recorded on the reserve.

Aeshna cyanea – Southern Hawker (NFY)
Aeshna grandis – Brown Hawker
Anax imperator – Emperor Dragonfly
Calopteryx splendens – Banded Demoiselle
Coenagrion puella – Azure Damselfly
Enallagma cyathigerum – Common Blue Damselfly
Erythromma najas – Red-eyed Damselfly
Erythromma viridulum – Small Red-eyed Damselfly
Ischnura elegans – Blue-tailed Damselfly
Lestes sponsa – Emerald Damselfly
Libellula quadrimaculata – Four-spotted Chaser
Orthetrum cancellatum – Black-tailed Skimmer
Sympetrum sanguineum – Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum striolatum – Common Darter

Bees, Wasp and Ants etc. (3)

A first for VC61 was Tenthredo amoena a sawfly, confirmed and also observed by local Sawfly recorder Ian Andrews, also present was the first Crabro cribrarius Slender Bodied Digger Wasp of the year.

Crabro cribrarius – Slender Bodied Digger Wasp (NFY
Tenthredo arcuata/brevicornis
Tenthredo amoena (NEW)

Grasshoppers and Crickets (4)

Chorthippus albomarginatus – Lesser Marsh Grasshopper
Chorthippus brunneus – Field Grasshopper
Chorthippus parallelus – Meadow Grasshopper
Leptophyes punctatissima – Speckled Bush-cricket

True Bugs (10)

A nymph of Oncotylus viridiflavus was a new species for me, with Campyloneura virgula and Chilacis typhae both NFY.

Campyloneura virgula (NFY)
Chilacis typhae (NFY)
Evacanthus interruptus
Nabis flavomarginatus – Broad Damselbug
Oncotylus viridiflavus (NEW)
Palomena prasina – Green Shieldbug
Philaenus spumarius – Cuckoo-Spit Insect
Plagiognathus arbustorum
Tritomegas bicolor – Pied Shieldbug
Zicrona caerulea – Blue Shieldbug

Flies (15)

A tip-off from Ian Andrews added a new Hoverfly species to the life-list. Triglyphus primus is a small black species, the main characteristic being that it only has two abdominal sections visible, several were present on the upright Cow-parlsey on the south side of Carp Lake. Eupeodes corollae and Sphaerophoria scripta were NFY.

Chloromyia formosa – Broad Centurion
Chrysopilus cristatus – Black Snipefly
Chrysops relictus – Twin-lobed Deerfly
Epistrophe eligans
Episyrphus balteatus – Marmalade Hoverfly
Eristalis intricarius
Eristalis tenax
Eupeodes corollae (NFY)
Leptogaster cylindrica – Striped Slender Robberfly
Melanostoma mellinum
Oplodontha viridula – Common Green Colonel
Scaeva pyrastri
Sphaerophoria scripta (NFY)
Triglyphus primus (NEW)
Volucella pellucens

Moths (3)
Blastodacna hellerella – Hawthorn Cosmet
Scotopteryx chenopodiata – Shaded Broad-bar
Tyria jacobaeae – Cinnabar
Millepedes (1)
Ommatoiulus sabulosus – Striped Millipede