North Cave Wetlands – 04/09/2019

A mainly sunny morning with a moderate westerly breeze blowing. Temperature around 18 degrees C.

Beetles (5)

Anthonomus rubi Strawberry-blossom Weevil was a new species found on flowers at the start of Butterfly Walk. Chilocorus renipustulatus Kidney-spot Ladybird was found along the Western Path, not a regular Ladybird on site. Agelastica alni Alder Leaf Beetle is now prolific, with hundreds on the Alders at the south side of Carp Lake.

Agelastica alni – Alder Leaf Beetle
Anthonomus rubi – Strawberry-blossom Weevil (NEW)
Chilocorus renipustulatus – Kidney-spot Ladybird
Coccinella septempunctata – 7-spot Ladybird
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata – 22-spot Ladybird

Butterflies & Moths (8)

Epinotia tenerana Nut Bud Moth was the only highlight at the North-west corner of the reserve, a new species to me.

Aglais urticae – Small Tortoiseshell
Pararge aegeria – Speckled Wood
Pieris brassicae – Large White
Pieris napi – Green-veined White
Polygonia c-album – Comma
Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral
Anthophila fabriciana – Common Nettle-tap
Epinotia tenerana – Nut Bud Moth (NEW)

Dragonflies (6)

Aeshna cyanea – Southern Hawker
Aeshna grandis – Brown Hawker
Aeshna mixta – Migrant Hawker
Enallagma cyathigerum – Common Blue Damselfly
Sympetrum sanguineum – Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum striolatum – Common Darter

True Bugs (8)

Macrosteles variatus was a new species, found on the nettles at the eastern end of North Path. Rhopalus subrufus was also in the same location and my first record for the reserve.

Dolycoris baccarum – Sloe Shieldbug
Heterogaster urticae – Nettle Groundbug
Himacerus apterus – Tree Damsel Bug
Macrosteles variatus (NEW)
Nabis ferus – Field Damsel Bug
Palomena prasina – Green Shieldbug
Phytocoris varipes
Rhopalus subrufus (NFS)

Flies (5)
Episyrphus balteatus – Marmalade Hoverfly
Eristalinus sepulchralis (NFY)
Eristalis arbustorum
Eristalis tenax
Helophilus pendulus

Wasps (1)
Mellinus arvensis – Field Digger Wasp

Birds (7)
Actitis hypoleucos – Common Sandpiper
Aix galericulata – Mandarin Duck
Anas querquedula – Garganey
Gallinago gallinago – Snipe
Picus viridis – Green Woodpecker
Tringa nebularia – Greenshank
Tringa ochropus – Green Sandpiper