North Cave Wetlands – 12/10/2019

A morning visit with thin cloud and occasional sunny spells, a gentle south-westerly breeze blowing. Temperature around 12 degrees C.

Autumn certainly making its mark on the invertebrates to be found, with nothing new for the year found. True Bug Rhopalus subrufus was probably the best find, with a Piezodorus lituratus Gorse Shieldbug turning into its winter colours. This is the best time of year to find this latter species at the Wetlands, they move away from Gorse to overwinter in deep vegetation through the winter months and can be found along Dryham Lane. Aeshna mixta Migrant Hawker and Sympetrum striolatum Common Darter still active in good numbers, though no sign of the Chalcolestes viridis Willow Emerald recently found on site, despite searching for individuals, along with the classic scars they make when ovipositing into Willow stems. Butterfly-wise a late Pieris brassicae Large White was present, along with Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral and Vanessa cardui Painted Lady.

Birding starting to get a look-in, with obvious signs of Autumn, six skeins of Anser brachyrhynchus Pink-footed Goose seen and heard heading south late morning, along with the sound and sight of Tringa totanus Redshank on Island Lake. Cettia cetti Cetti’s Warbler seem to be calling from all points of the reserve at the moment, one showing well below Turret Hide on Island Lake, just not long enough to get a photo. Panurus biarmicus Bearded Tit were in the north-west corner of Reedbed Lake, whilst a Saxicola rubicola Stonechat was present along the dike in North Field.

Beetles (2)
Coccinella septempunctata – 7-spot Ladybird
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata – 22-spot Ladybird

Butterflies (3)
Pieris brassicae – Large White
Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui – Painted Lady

Dragonflies (2)
Aeshna mixta – Migrant Hawker
Sympetrum striolatum – Common Darter

Bees (1)
Bombus pascuorum – Common Carder Bee

Moths (1)
Acronicta rumicis – Knot Grass

True Bugs (5)
Himacerus apterus – Tree Damsel Bug
Liocoris tripustulatus
Picromerus bidens – Spiked Shieldbug
Piezodorus lituratus – Gorse Shieldbug
Rhopalus subrufus

Birds (12)
Accipiter nisus – Sparrowhawk
Alectoris rufa – Red-legged Partridge
Anser brachyrhynchus – Pink-footed Goose
Cettia cetti – Cetti’s Warbler
Egretta garzetta – Little Egret
Emberiza schoeniclus – Reed Bunting
Gallinago gallinago – Snipe
Larus fuscus – Lesser Black-backed Gull
Panurus biarmicus – Bearded Tit
Saxicola rubicola – Stonechat
Tringa totanus – Redshank
Vanellus vanellus – Lapwing