North Cave Wetlands – 08/01/2020

An overcast afternoon with a light westerly breeze blowing. Temperature around ten degrees C.

Highlight of this visit was the Tundra Bean Goose present in North Field with the Greylag Geese along with the two White-fronted Geese. Two Lesser Redpoll were feeding on seed heads at the side of Far Lake. A drake Goosander flew west over Dyrham Lane. The Marsh Tit was present on the Maize Field feeders.

Birds (46)

Acanthis cabaret – Lesser Redpoll
Aegithalos caudatus – Long-tailed Tit
Anas clypeata – Shoveler
Anas crecca – Teal
Anas penelope – Wigeon
Anser albifrons – White-fronted Goose
Anser anser – Greylag Goose
Anser fabalis rossicus – Tundra Bean Goose
Ardea cinerea – Grey Heron
Aythya ferina – Pochard
Aythya fuligula – Tufted Duck
Carduelis carduelis – Goldfinch
Chloris chloris – Greenfinch
Chroicocephalus ridibundus – Black-headed Gull
Circus aeruginosus – Marsh Harrier
Columba livia – Feral Pigeon/Rock Dove
Columba oenas – Stock Dove
Columba palumbus – Woodpigeon
Corvus corone – Carrion Crow
Corvus frugilegus – Rook
Cyanistes caeruleus – Blue Tit
Cygnus olor – Mute Swan
Egretta garzetta – Little Egret
Emberiza schoeniclus – Reed Bunting
Erithacus rubecula – Robin
Fringilla coelebs – Chaffinch
Fulica atra – Coot
Gallinago gallinago – Snipe
Gallinula chloropus – Moorhen
Larus canus – Common Gull
Mergus merganser – Goosander
Parus major – Great Tit
Passer domesticus – House Sparrow
Passer montanus – Tree Sparrow
Phalacrocorax carbo – Cormorant
Phasianus colchicus – Pheasant
Pica pica – Magpie
Poecile palustris – Marsh Tit
Prunella modularis – Dunnock
Pyrrhula pyrrhula – Bullfinch
Tachybaptus ruficollis – Little Grebe
Tadorna tadorna – Shelduck
Tringa totanus – Redshank
Troglodytes troglodytes – Wren
Turdus merula – Blackbird
Vanellus vanellus – Lapwing