Scarborough and environs – 27/02/2020

A bright days with moderate north-westerly breeze. Temperature peaked at around four degrees C.

A trip into North Yorkshire provided a new Yorkshire tick with the surprise find of a Hooded Crow just north of Wykeham village. At the Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint, Goshawk were putting on a good display over the forest to the north, a couple of birds coming over the valley. A couple of quick visits added Mandarin Duck to the year-list at Hackness Lake, along with Nuthatch at the Forge Valley feeding station. At Holbeck, Scarborough four Mediterranean Gulls were present, in various stages of attaining summer breeding plumage. Finally a stop off at Bridlington Harbour provided great views of Purple Sandpiper along the slipway down to South Beach.

Birds (31)

Accipiter gentilis – Goshawk (WF)
Accipiter nisus – Sparrowhawk (LD, WF)
Aegithalos caudatus – Long-tailed Tit (FV)
Aix galericulata – Mandarin Duck (HS)
Arenaria interpres – Turnstone (BN)
Buteo buteo – Buzzard (LD, WF)
Calidris alpina – Dunlin (BN)
Calidris maritima – Purple Sandpiper (BN)
Chroicocephalus ridibundus – Black-headed Gull (HK)
Columba oenas – Stock Dove (FV)
Corvus cornix – Hooded Crow (WY)
Cyanistes caeruleus – Blue Tit (FV)
Cygnus olor – Mute Swan (HS)
Dendrocopos major – Great Spotted Woodpecker (FV)
Erithacus rubecula – Robin (FV)
Falco tinnunculus – Kestrel (WF)
Fringilla coelebs – Chaffinch (FV)
Gallinula chloropus – Moorhen (HS)
Larus argentatus – Herring Gull (BN)
Larus melanocephalus – Mediterranean Gull (HK)
Parus major – Great Tit (FV)
Periparus ater – Coal Tit (FV)
Poecile palustris – Marsh Tit (FV, HG)
Prunella modularis – Dunnock (FV)
Sitta europaea – Nuthatch (FV)
Spinus spinus – Siskin (WF)
Tachybaptus ruficollis – Little Grebe (HS)
Tringa totanus – Redshank (BN)
Turdus philomelos – Song Thrush (BY)

Mammals (1)
Myodes glareolus
– Bank Vole (FV)

BN – Bridlington
BY – Bickley
FV – Forge Valley
HG – Hilla Green
HK – Holbeck
HS – Hackness
LD – Langdale
WF – Wykeham Forest
WY – Wykeham