North Cave Wetlands – 11/03/2020

A sunny morning becoming more overcast by lunchtime, a moderate south-westerly breeze with temperature around 11 degrees C.

Two Green Sandpipers were on the western end of the new workings, a single Yellowhammer also present here. The drake Scaup was on the Silt Lagoon, though a bit of a challenge to find against the sun-light. A Cetti’s Warbler was singing from the bramble patch just west of St Helens screen. A pair of Avocets were on Village Lake. A couple of Red Kites drifted over the reserve at various points during the morning. An adult Mediterranean Gull has started to stake a claim to the tern raft on Main Lake. Other items of interest were a pair of Toads in amplexus on the path to Turret Hide and my first hoverfly of the year, Eristalis tenax.

Birds (57)

Aegithalos caudatus – Long-tailed Tit
Alauda arvensis – Skylark
Anas clypeata – Shoveler
Anas crecca – Teal
Anas penelope – Wigeon
Anas platyrhynchos – Mallard
Anas strepera – Gadwall
Anser anser – Greylag Goose
Aythya ferina – Pochard
Aythya fuligula – Tufted Duck
Aythya marila – Scaup
Buteo buteo – Buzzard
Carduelis carduelis – Goldfinch
Cettia cetti – Cetti’s Warbler
Chloris chloris – Greenfinch
Chroicocephalus ridibundus – Black-headed Gull
Columba livia – Feral Pigeon/Rock Dove
Columba oenas – Stock Dove
Columba palumbus – Woodpigeon
Corvus corone – Carrion Crow
Corvus frugilegus – Rook
Corvus monedula – Jackdaw
Cyanistes caeruleus – Blue Tit
Cygnus olor – Mute Swan
Egretta garzetta – Little Egret
Emberiza citrinella – Yellowhammer
Emberiza schoeniclus – Reed Bunting
Erithacus rubecula – Robin
Fringilla coelebs – Chaffinch
Fulica atra – Coot
Gallinago gallinago – Snipe
Gallinula chloropus – Moorhen
Haematopus ostralegus – Oystercatcher
Larus argentatus – Herring Gull
Larus canus – Common Gull
Larus melanocephalus – Mediterranean Gull
Milvus milvus – Red Kite
Motacilla alba yarrellii – Pied Wagtail
Parus major – Great Tit
Passer domesticus – House Sparrow
Passer montanus – Tree Sparrow
Phalacrocorax carbo – Cormorant
Phasianus colchicus – Pheasant
Phylloscopus collybita – Chiffchaff
Picus viridis – Green Woodpecker
Podiceps cristatus – Great Crested Grebe
Prunella modularis – Dunnock
Pyrrhula pyrrhula – Bullfinch
Recurvirostra avosetta – Avocet
Sturnus vulgaris – Starling
Tachybaptus ruficollis – Little Grebe
Tadorna tadorna – Shelduck
Tringa ochropus – Green Sandpiper
Turdus iliacus – Redwing
Turdus merula – Blackbird
Turdus philomelos – Song Thrush
Vanellus vanellus – Lapwing

Amphibians (1)
Bufo bufo – Common Toad

Beetles (1)
Coccinella septempunctata – 7-spot Ladybird

Hoverflies (1)
Eristalis tenax

Mammals (1)
Lepus europaeus – Brown Hare