Broomfleet and Market Weighton Canal – 21/08/12

A warm but overcast day saw me head over to Broomfleet with the aim of trying to photograph Brown Hawker Aeshna grandis, one of the most difficult species to locate, and approach at rest. Despite there being good numbers of this species reported recently, the dull conditions meant only a few large dragonflies were flying. I managed to accidentally flush a couple from long grass, but as always they just disappear into the distance without re-settling. Migrant Hawkers Aeshna mixta were also observed here with a handful flying, though again numbers were very disappointing. The supporting cast included a good number of Common Darters Sympetrum striolatum along with a small number of Ruddy Darters Sympetrum sanguineum. Emerald Damselflies Lestes sponsa were more numerous than recent years at this site, highlighting how well they have done due to the wetter conditions. Smaller numbers of Common Blue Damselflies Enallagma cyathigerum and Blue-tailed Damselflies Ischnura elegans show that their respective seasons are slowly drawing to a close.

Emerald Damselfly - Lestes sponsa

Emerald Damselfly – Lestes sponsa

Blue-tailed Damselfly - Ischnura elegans

Blue-tailed Damselfly – Ischnura elegans

The dull conditions meant butterfly numbers were low with only a few species flying. There were good numbers of Peacocks Inachis io, the most I’ve seen at any location so far this year, however these were only supported by Gatekeepers Pyronia tithonus, Green-veined Whites Pieris napi, single Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta and Small Copper Lycaena phlaeas.

Peacock - Inachis io

Peacock – Inachis io

A few other insects did add to the species list, several Harlequin Ladybirds Harmonia axyridis being found in a small area. Lesser Marsh Grasshopper Chorthippus albomarginatus was observed in small numbers in the wetter part of the grassland. I also photographed two Wasp species, both unidentified, though the latter photograph could be Tree Wasp.

Harlequin Ladybird - Harmonia axyridis

Harlequin Ladybird – Harmonia axyridis

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper - Chorthippus albomarginatus

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper – Chorthippus albomarginatus

Wasp sp.

Wasp sp.

Wasp sp.

Wasp sp.